Monroe Art League
                                    Monroe, MI

     Officers and Committee Chairs




                           EXECUTIVE BOARD                             

    President:                  Jimmy Tidwell       

   Vice President:          Eve Weatherholt  


   Secretary:                  Susan Siebarth     

   Immediate Past        
      President:                Sandy Vanisacker

   Member at large:      Merle Arquette     

   Member at  large:     Gladys Drummonds 

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                                 STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS

   Program Committee:          Eve Weatherholt       

   Publicity Committee:          Lonnie Brunswick     

   Membership Committee:    Becky Mullins            

   Nominating Committee:    

   Scholarship Committee:     Sandy Vanisacker      

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                                        AD-HOC COMMITTEE CHAIRS

Archives and 60th                   Larry Hilliard            


     Christmas Party                      Sherry Frank-Sutherland

     Downtown Monroe                  Lonnie Brunswick       
         Fine Art Fair

    Downtown Flea Market           Julie Pillarelli              
                                                       Verma Boss                  

    Members Only Art Show         Paula Doherty              
                                                       Sherry Frank-Sutherland
                                                       Sandra Nikirk              

    Member Recognition               Gladys Drummonds     


    Spot Shows                              Jan VanHouten            

    Summer Picnic                        Merle Arquette             
                                                     Susan Woelmer-Siebarth

     Sunshine                                 Jan Pearsall                  

    Refreshment                            Susan Woelmer-Siebarth
                                                     Barb Ley                        

     Webmaster                              Paul Schmidt                 


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